Hocus Pocus

Sometimes it pays not to be the fastest student in a machine embroidery class. In January, I took a machine embroidery class with Claudia Dinnell of Claudia's Creations. I stayed after the end of the class so I could finish my Christmas "Boot'iful Bouquets. Claudia had some unfinished class project that she want to give away and I was lucky enough to get one of Claudia's halloween quilt.
Hocus Pocus
My biggest challenge was sewing binding for an angle greater than 90 degrees. I did a google search and found a YouTube video by Marci Baker which had excellent directions for mitered binding angles, greater than 90 degrees.

Jessica Jones Gamez, Jessica Quilting Studio, did the beautiful machine quilting. The finished quilt is 18" by 54".
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