Meet Fang

Lucie had a wolf parka made when our family vacationed in Alaska in 1965. I had a large bear made from the fur and since Lucie named the coat fang, I named the bear Fang. The bear is about 27 inches long. Fang was designed and made by Sandy Czaja, Notchlok Bears


Mink Bears

What do you do with a vintage mink coat? You make mink bears. I was very fortunate to find Sandy Czaja, Notchlok Bears, a very talented bear artist.
My mother's mink coat was purchased from Berger's Department store in Buffalo New York in 1960. Sandy was able to incorporate the initials on one bear paw and made a small pillow with the Berger label. The red silk bow on the larger bear was made from silk my parents purchased while on a trip to Japan in 1962. I gave the medium size bear to my daughter, Marcie and the 2 small bears were sent to my cousins, Deb and Pam, in Batavia New York.

Mink bears
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