Kaleidoscope blocks

Saturday, I want to a kaleidoscope clinic at Quitz, a local quilt store. In 2007, I had took a class with Bethany Reynolds, but I need a refresher on the stack and whack technique. I purchased the Arizona centennial fabric in 2011 with the intention of making kaleidoscope blocks from the fabric. Saturday, using the Stack-n-Whack 45 degree Triangle tool, I cut out wedges from the Arizona centennial fabric. Today, I began sewing the wedges into kaleidoscope blocks. I was able to sew 20 of the 24 blocks I wanted for the quilt. I pinned the blocks on some black fabric that I think I will be using for the sashing and borders for the quilt.
This is a picture of the completed blocks a small piece of the centennial fabric.

Arizona Kaleidoscope blocks and fabric
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This week has not been the best. 11:30 Monday night I was at the emergency room after noticing the beginnings of a rash. Yes, I have shingles and yes, I did have a shingles shot 2 years ago. Sometimes life is just not fair. I am doing much much better, I firmly believe that starting anti-viral medication so quickly has definitely ease the course of the infection. Friday afternoon I received a small package in the mail from my quilting buddy, Sandy which did wonders for lifting my spirits.
The poodle magnet Poodle Noir

I also should thank Katie and Molly for their excellent nursing care this last week. They definitely deserve some time to rest after some non-stop nursing care.

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Fabric and Ties of My Life

I just returned from The Rocky Mountain Quilting Adventure held in Steamboat Springs Colorado. RMQA is sponsored by David Taylor and this year Sue Spargo was the guest teacher. The focus of Sue's class was to create a fabric journal quilt. For the last year, I have wanted to create a wool appliqué quilt which would incorporate silk fabric purchased in Japan by my parents in 1963 along with some Japanese silk ties. Other fabrics I wanted to included were some llama print cottons purchased in Peru in 1971 which were made into some ties for my Dad, fabric from a wool sport coat and ties belonging to my brother in law, John Protz. I also have velveteens that Lucie and I made skirts or dresses. The working title of my quilt is Fabric and Ties of My Life.
This is a picture of my quilt so far, I still have to add wool appliqué borders. The center section is about 20" by 23".
Fabrics and Ties of My Life

These are few the fabric and ties I have used and some that will be used in my quilt.

Sliced Nine Patch quilt and label

This quilt was inspired by Right Slice quilt published in Quiltmaker Magazine, November/December 2013. I used 3 batik fabrics, 2 batiks for the nine patch blocks and the remaining batik was inserted into the slashed nice patch blocks. Machine quilted by Jessica Jones Gamez. Finished quilt is 96" by 96". The label was designed using Floriani Total Control U software, the machine embroidery was done on my Bernina 780.
Sliced Nine Patch quiltPhil's label

Pillow Shams

I finally finished the pillow shams for Lucie's Pineapple Star Quilt, only took me 8 years since I finished the quilt. I put the quilt on the guest room bed but covering the pillows made the overhang too short on the end of the bed. Something jogged in my memory, I think something was made for pillow shams. Amazing, I was able to find the quilts and extra fabric in a drawer in my sewing room. Constructing the pillow shams was really quite easy, not sure why it took me 8 years to get them done. I also realized that I never made a quilt label, drat, another thing to put on my To Do list.
Pillow shams
I also spent the morning working on my web site. August 2013, I completely redid my web site using RapidWeaver software. My house remodel and knee replacement sort of hindered my actually finishing the transfer of all the quilts to my new web site. This morning I just stopped all the procrastination and did it.
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Rain in Phoenix

Yes, it does rain in the desert. Yesterday, Phoenix had localized heavy rain which caused some flooding. I live in North Phoenix which did experience some heavy rain. There is a wash along the west side of my property which catches the rain coming off the mountains to the south of me. There was some rain early morning, the heavy rain began about 11:30am and lasted 30 to 40 minutes. I went out to look at the wash after the rain and there was quite a torrent. I am really not in danger of flooding as the wash is quite deep and very wide.

Flooded wash
Today is a beautiful day in Phoenix, the sun is shining and the air is clean. What a difference 24 hours makes.
Wash after flood

Mixed Mutts appliqué

I just got back from Henderson Nevada, I spent a few days with my quilting buddy. We decided to work on an embroidery machine appliqué project from the pattern Mixed Mutts. 10 dog are available in the pattern but I decided to do just 3 of the adorable dogs. I chose a poodle, a schnauzer and a golden retriever in honor of the breeds of dogs I have owned. My web page Waiting at the Bridge has pictures of my dearly departed dogs, you can also click on web pages for Katie and Molly my standard poodles. The pattern also includes embroidered designs for woof and paw prints which I will embroider as filler blocks after I decide the placement the 3 dog appliqué blocks on the quilt. You can see the 3 dog blocks Sandy made at http://sandywf.blogspot.com
Poodle appliqueSchnauzer appliquéGolden retriever applique
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Bird Dance Quilt

Drum roll, please. Bird Dance is finished, I even have the quilt label on the back. The gorgeous machine quilting was done by Jessica Jones Gamez.. Bird Dance was designed by Sue Spargo for her 2013 BOM. Sue's quilt design was inspired by a tile floor while on vacation in Italy, check out the full story of Sue's inspiration.

Bird Dance QuiltBird Dance label
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Needle Keep

In January 2013, I started my first Sue Spargo BOM. I was new to Sue's wool appliqué stitching and I decided to make a test block using wool from my stash. Of course, I then had a finished 6 1/2" bird block which I decided to use as the front of a small needle keep. My original needle keep has served me well these last 18 months but as Sue introduced a wider variety of needles, my original needle keep did not have enough labeled spaces for the needles. I designed my new needle keep with 4 wool pages which would allow spaces for 24 different types of needles plus I added two zippered vinyl pockets to hold thimbles and needle threaders. I did a wool appliqué flower on the front. The needle keep is 8 1/2" high and 7 1/2" wide.
Needle keep front Needle keep inside
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African Tulip tote

I finished the African tulip tote today. The African Tulip tote was designed by Sue Spargo and is 21" wide, 16" in length and 5" deep. The embellished wool appliqué front gave me a chance to learn some new embellishing stitches and to use some different embellishing threads. Valdani pearl cotton, Thread Gathers silken pearl, silken chenille, and sea grass are some of the embellishing threads I used. Sue's pattern was constructed using batting but I decided to use Soft and Stable to give the tote more body. I also wanted a zipper closure and I used instructions from a by annie tote pattern.
African tulip tote
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